Posted on: October 8, 2021 31 One of the biggest issues that people are trying to combat today is our consumption of non-recyclable plastic items that come from produce wrapped in plastic amongst other grocery items. The population of the world today and the growing rate of consumption of these products is astronomical. Unfortunately, in the United States, many items that are sent for recycling are not even truly recycled but sent to a landfill just like any other

3 Fall Inspired Vegan Soups to Warm You Up

Posted on: September 24, 2021 168 It is now officially fall. When I think of fall meals I think of delicious fall varieties of veggies and how I can prepare them for my dinners or lunches. I love delicious soups! Something about a tasty and warm soup in the cooler temperatures is so soothing to me. I would like to continue my fall cooking series this week with some delicious fall inspired soups! Most of these recipes are also

Progress Not Perfection: Reducetarianism

Posted on: September 10, 2021 19 A plant based diet has a myriad of benefits for our health, animals, and environmental factors. Many people want to make changes to their lifestyle and diet for various reasons but find it hard because they feel they have to be polarized. In other words, all in to plant based eating or not at all. This might be ideal but it is important to share with others that it is not all or

Telomeres: A Way to Look at Health

Posted on: September 2, 2021 20 We believe that our DNA is our destiny. In many ways it is yet, there are lifestyle choices we can make to articulate the health of our DNA. What are Telomeres? Telomeres are segments of DNA at the end of our chromosomes. Scientists frequently compare them to the plastic tips of shoelaces that keep the laces of DNA together. Telomeres function similarly, preventing chromosomes from fraying or tangling with one another. You do

3 Myths About Eating A Plant Based Diet

plant based diet burrito on wooden board
Posted on: August 26, 2021 13 Stereotypes are pervasive in our world today. Everyone has ideas or opinions about everything, especially veganism and living a plant based lifestyle! I have heard many comments throughout the years and even some misconceptions I held myself when debating within my own mind about if a plant based lifestyle was for me. I want to share with you some myths that I have come to know from my experience and journey on a
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