Culture Pop Sparkling Probiotic Soda Can Grapefruit (Pack of 6)


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  • SODA YOU CAN FEEL GOOD ABOUT!: More flavorful than a seltzer but much less sweet than traditional colas or fruit sodas, CULTURE POP contains 9g of sugar and billions of CFU’s of live probiotics at the time of canning. Each 12 oz can is 40 calories, plant-based, non-GMO, vegan, gluten-free.
  • FAMILIAR FLAVORS, WITH INTERESTING TWISTS: Our mix of real, organic fruit juices, organic ground spices, live probiotics & a touch of cane sugar, delivers a dynamic, tasty twist on familiar flavors
  • WHY A PROBIOTIC SODA? Probiotics are healthy bacteria that help maintain a healthy balance in your body.
  • NO FRIDGE, NO PROBLEM: Culture Pop is shelf-stable and can be stored at ambient temperatures. Our probiotic remains viable under a wide temperature and pH range, via stability testing, the probiotic that we use experienced virtually no loss of colony-forming units (CFU) over 24 months when stored at room temperature (25°C). This allows you to keep some of the drinks in your fridge and the rest in your pantry!

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